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School of Biblical and Theological Studies (CAGS)

The Master of Arts in Applied Apologetics provides training that improves the church’s understanding and expression of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith and the evidence which undergirds those doctrines.

The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies focuses on the exegesis and interpretation of specific sections and books of the Bible. The emphasis is on understanding the Bible.

The Master of Arts in Executive Leadership in Christian Ministry is designed to prepare students for church and ministry leadership at the executive level, providing an emphasis on business-related skills and baseline ministry proficiencies.

The Master of Arts in Theological Studies focuses on man’s response to God’s Word. This degree examines various approaches in understanding the Bible with a balance between theology and God’s story through the Old and New Testament.

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Apologetics introduces students to the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a meaningful defense of the faith and thoughtful evangelistic tools to share it. The curriculum provides undergraduate-level, theoretical consideration of apologetics issues as well as practical understanding of apologetics approaches.

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies degree is designed to equip students to understand the major theological themes in the Bible and to interpret them for others. This degree prepares students for a variety of professional opportunities in both the secular and church/parachurch community as well as for seminary.

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry provides a foundational understanding of Scripture for application to Christian worship, preaching/teaching, and general pastoral ministry.

The Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies provides an introduction to Biblical Studies, Christian Doctrine, and Theology, giving the student a foundation for various ministry positions, missions, social services, and/or personal spiritual development.

The Biblical Studies minor is designed to allow students to supplement any major with additional Bible knowledge and understanding beyond the Biblical Studies General Education requirements. The Applied Apologetics minors provide baseline training in apologetic defense of the Christian faith. Basic understanding of Christian apologetics and non-Christian worldviews are augmented with specialized understanding from student-selected topics. 

The Biblical Studies certificate, offered in English and in Spanish, provides a foundation of Biblical knowledge. The certificate equips students for a variety of ministry assignments.


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