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Applied Apologetics, BA (CAGS)


College of Adult and Graduate Studies


School of Biblical and Theological Studies

The BA in Applied Apologetics provides baseline training which improves the church's understanding and expression of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith and the evidence which undergirds those doctrines. The degree introduces students to the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a meaningful defense of the faith and thoughtful evangelistic tools to share it. The curriculum provides undergraduate-level, theoretical consideration of apologetics issues as well as practical understanding of apologetics approaches.

Students choose one of four emphases that add greater depth and rigor to their Applied Apologetics academic program.

  • Cultural Engagement
  • Global Apologetics
  • Innovative Evangelism
  • Practical Apologetics

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Apologetics degree requires completion of the following 120 credit hours:
General Education (39 hours)
Major Core (42 hours)
Emphasis Core (18 hours)
Electives (21 hours)

Program Type

Bachelor's Degree