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School of Science and Engineering (CUS)

Colorado Christian University’s School of Science and Engineering seeks to educate and equip thoughtful, caring, and ethical scientists, health care professionals, and engineers. We will provide students with a purposeful and practical education that prepares them for some of the most in-demand careers in today’s society. Faculty in this school will help students uncover the common ground where science and faith integrate. Students will be challenged to think critically as they become equipped with the tools to pioneer new medical and engineering discoveries, partake in groundbreaking research, and provide care for those in need. Colorado Christian University views science and engineering as a way to know the creativity, ingenuity, and vastness of God’s Creation and Personhood in a deeper way. Programs in the school will invite students to enter into the world of science, mathematics, and engineering as they learn how to integrate their personal faith into their lives as future scientists, doctors, engineers, and researchers. The School of Science and Engineering at Colorado Christian University is a top choice for those who want to make faith a priority in their fields, all while maintaining the technical and medical excellence required for their future careers. 

The programs in this school will be largely delivered through in-seat and laboratory instruction. Some math courses will be offered online, or in a hybrid format, but the School’s desire is to make most courses in-seat allowing students to have active engagement in the learning process, social interactions, and hands-on learning experiences. Technology will be used heavily in several courses, as the medical and engineering fields use highly specified technology and we need to prepare students to interact with technology common to the field. Our goal is to prepare students to not only succeed, but also excel.


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