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Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs

Colorado Christian University aims not only to give students an unforgettable study abroad experience, but ultimately desires to develop students into global citizens. CCU’s study abroad partners offer programs in 20 countries and offer courses relevant to nearly every major while also offering students unique opportunities in terms of field-based internships, language acquisition, and cultural assimilation experiences. 

CCU’s Study Abroad Partners

Students interested in studying abroad or off-campus are responsible to research and apply for the study abroad or off-campus program in a timely manner. If studying abroad, students are also responsible to initiate conversation with their LDC advisor who will work with them to determine if and how the academic credit earned abroad will apply toward the student’s degree requirements before the student makes a decision to participate in a study abroad program. It is recommended that the student see their advisor about the approval of transfer credits at least one month prior to the program’s application deadline.

To make an appointment with CCU’s Study Abroad Coordinator or to learn more about study abroad at CCU, email

Students participating in a study abroad or off-campus program will also need to work with the Study Abroad Representative in the Office of Financial Aid to determine the cost of this endeavor, as well as to explore available financial aid. CCU students cannot apply their CCU Institutional aid toward a study abroad program, although federal aid, state aid, and some private scholarships may be applicable.