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School of Business and Leadership (CUS)

The approach to business education in the School of Business and Leadership (SBL) prepares students to make immediate and significant contributions in their chosen fields, preparing them for the challenges and ethical dilemmas they will face in the corporate world. SBL faculty members are both academically and professionally qualified, and most have earned their terminal degrees in the areas of expertise. The faculty in the School of Business and Leadership is composed of Christians who are dedicated to mentoring the next generation of business and organizational leaders. They have lived their faith in the business world and feel called to prepare students to do the same.


The Bachelor of Science degrees offered through the School of Business and Leadership require a minimum of 120 semester hours as prescribed in the areas of general education and biblical studies and the requirements as defined by the major.  Appropriate progress in SBL degree programs requires students to achieve a cumulative 2.75 or higher for all SBL courses required. Students must demonstrate patterns of behavior appropriate for an individual preparing for a position of trust and responsibility.  In addition, all students must meet the CCU residency requirements.  Students failing to maintain these standards may be dismissed from the program.


Bachelor’s Degrees


Cross Disciplinary Studies